The User Interface with InfoKast

If your digital signs aren’t easy to control, then they aren’t really working for you. InfoKast’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to fit digital signage into your schedule. 

Simple scheduling

Guided data input

Intuitive design

Easy to use

Quick to learn



No design degree? No problem. 

You're already an expert in your field.   

Why should you have to spend hours learning a whole new system just to keep things running? We've designed our user interface to be simple and intuitive, so you never have to waste a moment on complex protocols or tech heavy instructions. Making changes is quick enough for busy managers to work into their schedule, and straight-forward enough to delegate to an untrained intern.  

You don’t need to design anything.

Our user interface includes templates that put your data exactly where it will be most effective. Input your information into the appropriate data fields and InfoKast does the rest.

You don't need to be tech savvy.

The user interface starts by asking what sort of screen you’re looking to build. Input your data, toggle features, upload photos, and you're done. The intuitive design guides you through each screen.

You don't need to waste time.

InfoKast allows you to schedule certain screens in advance. Give your message a start and end date and it will play during that range without any further work from you.

Knowledge, Alerts, & Safety Together.

That’s InfoKast.

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