Unify your School simply by integrating what you already have in place. 

Your school is full of communication systems.  Utilize them to their fullest extent and round out your safety systems with InfoKast. 


Desktops Computers

From the library, to teacher desktops, to rolling laptop banks, today’s schools are jam packed with computers. And every one of these computers can become either a trigger, or a beacon in an emergency. Authorized individuals can activate emergency alarms from any desktop, and all connected computers will then receive an information filled notification of the alarm.

PA Systems

P.A. Systems are a tried and true method for communicating within a school. InfoKast utilizes text-to-speech software that allows your schools to use their P.A. system in an emergency without requiring a member of staff to physically stay in the office.

Social Media

In an emergency, having a way to communicate with parents and your community is vital. InfoKast allows you to connect to your social media accounts so that you can send alerts and updates without needing to jump through a dozen hoops.

Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is one of the most useful tools your schools have in emergency alerting because it’s already fully integrated into their campuses. InfoKast utilizes this technology in two ways: by allowing fire alarms to trigger the rest of the InfoKast system, and by allowing other forms of activation to trigger the fire alarms.

Mobile Phones 

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly common among teachers and students alike. InfoKast allows you to turn those mobile phones into notification devices. Teachers and other staff can activate alerts with just a few clicks, while students can receive alerts on their phones no matter where they are on campus.

Digital Signage

Many schools have begun to take advantage of digital signage to improve communication throughout the school. Any digital signs that your schools have can be integrated into your InfoKast system to create large, vibrant, information filled emergency alerts for any situation.

It's a Mass Communication Solution too!

How do you budget for a system that you hope you’ll never need to use? That's simple. You use it every day. As system integrators, we’ve unified emergency and daily communication technology so you can make use of your system every day, not just in worst case scenarios.

“In an emergency situation, there is no more picking up the phone and calling schools individually. Now, Daviess County Public Schools administrators can hit one button and alert all 18 schools in the system at once.”


— Jim Barr, Security Coordinator, Daviess County Public Schools


A 15 minute phone call with one of our representatives can determine which pieces you already have in place. Give us a call at   866-651-1017 or fill out the form below to learn how we can quickly — and economically — integrate what you’ve already got.


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