InfoKast System Overview

Three vital needs covered in one unified system.

InfoKast combines daily communication, safety reinforcement, and emergency management into one system. The center piece for this technology is digital signage, which allows us to combine cutting edge hardware and software to create an elegant and effective system.

InfoKast System Overview

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Digital Signage

We customize our digital signage for the needs and space of your organization. Our industrial signs are designed to run 24/7 and can be placed almost anywhere in your business.

User Interface

Running your digital signs shouldn’t be the hardest part of your job. InfoKast’s intuitive dashboard makes creating content easy and quick, without the need for a graphics degree.

Emergency Screens

In an emergency, knowing what is happening and where to go can save lives. That’s why you need safety alerts that both inform and instruct in any emergency.

Application Suite

You’ve got a lot to talk about. Upcoming events? Employee recognition? Production numbers? InfoKast’s robust application suite covers all your daily communication needs.

Branded Slides

Your organization is unique, so your communication style should be as well. Our talented graphic designers create a branded style for all of your content.

Emergency Notification Hardware

A multimedia approach is key to alerting everyone during an emergency. InfoKast offers a number of multimedia hardware and software solutions to make sure everyone is aware of what’s happening.

Activation Hardware

The sooner an alarm is sounded, the sooner people can get to safety. With InfoKast, there are multiple ways to activate an alert and get everyone moving.

Scheduling Tool

Scheduling information to run in advance helps keep your screens fresh and up to date without constant maintenance.