Scheduling Tools for

Digital Signage Displays

Digital signs should integrate easily and seamlessly into your business model, not carve chunks of time out of your day. That's why InfoKast is built with a smart scheduling tool that lets you schedule certain screens to run in advance and automatically takes them down when their time is up.

A Time Saving Solution

Schedule in advance

Automatic activation

Minimal maintenance

Date sensitive


Certain items, like birthdays and calendar events, are created with a date attached. These items automatically get filtered through the system based on when they occur. Once their date has passed, they stop running without any further maintenance.

Our scheduling tool lets you control variables such as how many items are displayed on a calendar, affecting how far in advance events are displayed, or whether the birthdays you display are based on the month, the week, or even just the day.


your screens

Have an important client coming in? Build a welcome screen and set it to run on the day they arrive, even if that day is months in advance. Schedule safety warnings based on seasonal conditions. Build a “Beware of ice!” alert to run in your playlist from November to February, then build a “Don’t forget your sunscreen!” screen to start promptly on March 1st. With our scheduling tool you can do all this and more.

Minimal maintenance, maximum impact

InfoKast runs on your schedule. The scheduling tool allows you to spend a minimal amount of time setting up your displays while reaping the maximum benefit of their use.


You can manually change the set dates, add, or remove screens from your playlist at any time, so if something changes, your screens aren’t set in stone. You can also set certain screens to run indefinitely.

Our intuitive user interface guides you through all the scheduling steps so that you can quickly and easily get your signs ready. To learn more about the user interface, click here.

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