Safety Reinforcement

Promote safety in big ways, little ways, and always. 

Keeping safety top-of-mind can be a challenge, and coming up with fresh, new topics day after day, month after month can be downright daunting. InfoKast can help today’s busy leaders in their quest to ensure their organization is run safely every day.


Every InfoKast system comes with a free library of safety-related content. These industry-specific messages are designed to complement your ongoing safety efforts and free up valuable professionals’ time.  


Today’s modern workplace is relatively safe, but at any given moment an unsafe condition can arise. While these minor safety hazards may pose a smaller safety risk, they’re still just that — a hazard and a risk.


With InfoKast, you can post instant alerts so everyone knows of an unsafe situation within minutes, and then provide updates in a quick and timely fashion. An eye-catching alert banner gets noticed and can help prevent a minor hazard from becoming a major risk.

Our team of graphic designers has put together a palate of engaging and relevant digital sign content, reflecting both industry and site-specific needs. When coupled with your organizations unique style, the result is a steady stream of safety related messages your people will see and respond to every single day.

Big or small, address them all.


Keep them thinking about safety.


Reinforcing safety saves lives

If you're a safety professional, then its your job to make sure everyone in your organization makes it home safely every day. You prepare for emergencies, but you know that safety is more of a daily issue than anything else. While posters and routine meetings are a good way to promote safety, modern digital signage can make your efforts great. InfoKast gives you access to vivid, highly engaging digital signs that will never blend into the woodwork so that your people always get the message.

InfoKast is a modern tool to keep your people working safely every day.






Keeping your team informed and up to date on safety certifications and other deadlines is an important part of your job, but it can't and shouldn't take up your entire day. Use InfoKast to create these important reminders days or even months in advance. Schedule reminders to run over the course of a few months, a few weeks, a few days, or even during a few specific hours so the message is targeted to who, when, and where you need it.



InfoKast helps you manage minor events before they become major emergencies. With InfoKast, you can create a quick flash alert that can run as a ticker at the bottom of any screen in your business, alerting your employees to any unsafe but non-life-threatening conditions.  Provide updates as the situation progresses and create text announcements with any pertinent instructions.

Custom Content

or Ready-Made


Keeping safety content relevant, up-to-date, and engaging is vital to ensuring the message is always received. InfoKast simplifies content creation in two ways. First, our user-interface makes creating a safety announcement or reminder as simple as selecting a template, inputting your information, and setting a schedule. Second, our team of talented graphic designers develop a collection of industry specific, highly engaging safety content that you can use on your screens at any time.



Promoting safety on a daily basis takes a lot more than just placing  posters on a wall. Having a coordinated, consistent approach is key to keeping safety top-of-mind. However, trying to balance everything on your own means you have to pick and choose what to manage. InfoKast takes some of the weight off your shoulders. 

How do I keep my content relevant? InfoKast provides you with an ever-growing library of safety content based on standards set by MSHA, OSHA, PASS, and more. Supplement your regular content with these ready-made messages to keep your signs fresh and informative.

How can I be sure my content is effective? Simply put, great design gets noticed, and InfoKast does the graphic design for you. Our graphic designers create template packages based on your style so that your digital signage will always be beautiful, engaging, and well-received. 

What if something goes wrong with the signs? InfoKast understands that your expertise is not digital signage. That’s why we have a dedicated support team that's ready to assist with problems or questions as they arise.

You've got plenty to do. Let InfoKast lighten the load.



Safety & Communication, Together 

Consistent safety messages get remembered. 

Our Daily Communications system allows you to provide your staff with continuous, engaging, dynamic content that holds their attention and gets them in the habit of looking at your screens. Schedule safety reminders into the mix as often as you like, and you can be sure your people will always see and respond to them.

Safety & Alerts, Together

Safety during an emergency.

When your safety training is supported by regular reminders, the information is more likely to stick. InfoKast gives you the ability to consistently reinforce the safety training your staff already receive. Then, in the case that an emergency does strike, your people are more likely to respond the way you want and need them to without hesitation. 

Knowledge, Alerts, & Safety Together.

That’s InfoKast.

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