Emergency Notification Hardware 

When disaster strikes, you don’t want to be relying on the bare minimum of emergency notification systems. Having a strong, extensive, multi-media approach is the best way to ensure the safety of those on your premises. InfoKast, in a partnership with Alertus Systems, offers a wide variety of emergency notification hardware to help keep your business safe. 

Digital Signage

When an alarm is triggered, every digital sign in your organization will instantly be overtaken by the appropriate emergency screen, providing highly visible, information rich alerts to those who need them.

  • Highly visible and eye-catching

  • Large surface area provides space for instructions

  • Utilize a combination of text and image for a more effective alert

  • Customize emergency displays based on the needs of your organization


Alert Beacons

Alert beacons can be placed on nearly any wall and combine a text-based screen with an LED array and audible alerts. The beacon can display pre-set messages and light patterns based on the nature of the emergency, providing context to those in any part of your premises.

  • Audible alert to help catch attention

  • Flashing lights for loud environments

  • Clear, legible text display to provide information and instructions

  • Not reliant on cell towers or internet access


Mobile Alerts

Any mobile device with the Alertus receiver app can become an active emergency notification device. When an alert is triggered, a push notification will appear with preset, customized text providing information on the emergency.

  • Notifications wherever your people are

  • Push alerts utilize mobile ringtones and buzzers

  • Provide information, updates, and instructions wherever they are

  • Notification abilities travel with your people as they move to safety


Desktop Alerts

Any desktop computer in your organization can be integrated into the InfoKast system so that when an alarm is triggered, and alert appears on the screen. These alerts can be preset to provide information on the nature of the emergency and instructions on how to respond.

  • Any integrated machine becomes a notification tool

  • Desktop alerts can take over all or a section of a display

  • Notifications can include text and images for greater comprehension


Sirens & Text-to-Speech

In a busy environment, you can’t always rely on visible alerts being noticed right away. Sirens and text-to-speech arrays allow for the critical audible element that will tie your emergency notifications together.

  • Informative alerts without a visible element

  • Alerts those who are outside or beyond the range of sight-based alarms

  • Provides information in a clear and audible tone for universal understanding

  • Integrate the sirens you already have or add more for increased coverage


LED Marquee & Signaling Strobe

Visible alerts can quickly and effectively catch attention and provide information, even when space is limited. You already use strobes in your fire alarms, and now you can supplement them with LED Marquees that provide highly visible scrolling text in spaces where full-scale digital signage might not be possible

  • Catches attention in loud environments

  • Easy to read text for immediate understanding

  • Minimal surface area used

  • Marquee provides date and time when not in use in emergencies


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