Emergency Management

InfoKast is built to manage an emergency - not just sound the alarm. 

Emergency response technology has moved well beyond the "break glass" fire alarm and overhead P.A. system. InfoKast can integrate with the systems you already use and extends their capabilities with cutting edge technology so you can manage more situations and provide more information when disaster strikes.


InfoKast lays its foundations in technology you already have, integrating things like fire control boards, loud speakers, and sirens. Then technology like your Voip phone systems, desktop computers, and even your staff's mobile devices are included through the use of InfoKast software and applications. Finally, any gaps are filled by new hardware like digital signs, alert beacons, and more.


With Infokast, your organization will receive a number of event-specific digital sign templates that both describe the nature of the emergency and provide instructions on how to react. Our digital signs are in constant communication with your emergency systems, so as soon as an alarm is triggered, the screens react to that specific emergency, saving precious seconds when it counts most.

Once the alarm has sounded and staff have moved to secure locations, key personnel can provide important updates via those same digital signs as well as through 2-way radios and the mobile devices nearly everyone carries. By utilizing a mix of visual, audible, and multi-media

Well-informed people react quickly and calmly in an emergency.

alerts, we make it easy for you to reach every person in your facility, from an employee wearing ear plugs on the work floor, to the visitor in your lobby.

When the emergency is over InfoKast uses these same methods to broadcast the all clear with further instructions on what to do next.


What makes the system so powerful?



Add a layer of management to your emergencies

Those tasked with the safety of others work hard to achieve one basic goal: everyone gets home safely, every day. Fortunately, the vast majority of the time they are successful, but when it doesn’t all go as planned, that’s when a state-of-the-art emergency management and mass notification system can maximize efforts to reduce injuries and get people to safety.

InfoKast helps you take charge of a situation, increasing the odds for those affected.



Fully Integrated

InfoKast works with much of your existing infrastructure, greatly reducing the initial costs and greatly improving the intended outcomes. Every desktop, every mobile device, all your 2-way radios, and of course your digital signs and existing sirens all work together as the backbone of your emergency alerting system.

Mass Notification

An active, mobile workforce spends much of their day moving around the facilities. Make sure you can reach them no matter where they’re at, and no matter the noise or other environmental factors that can get in the way of critical alerts. InfoKast utilizes both audible and visual alerts, so everyone gets notified as soon as an event is triggered.

A Commitment to Your Community

We don't have to tell you how important the support of your community is to the success of your business. When things go wrong, InfoKast helps you provide your community with better information as the emergency unfolds so they don't feel left behind. Updates can and will go to those on location, but they can also be sent to the mobile phones of those waiting beyond your company walls so that everyone is informed.



Managing emergencies can feel like a daunting task. There are so many angles to consider, and you never really know when something is going to go wrong. When all the emergency concerns in your organization are stacked on your shoulders, it can feel overwhelming. With InfoKast, you get a set of helping hands to break up the load.

How can I maximize my safety system potential? As part of a detailed site survey, we'll help you determine the most effective distribution of safety hardware throughout your premises and determine how we can integrate equipment you already own to take advantage of prior investments for even faster ROI.

How about alerts that are unique to our business or location? InfoKast works with you to create custom alerts and messages that are tailored to your organization. From industry specific hazards to location based natural disasters, if you prepare for it, InfoKast will, too.

What about the days when there aren't emergencies? We manage not only your digital signs but also the buttons, feeds, and triggers that make up your system. We monitor your equipment, apply updates, install patches, and schedule system-wide tests so that your emergency systems are always ready when you need them.

InfoKast supports you so you can support your people.



Alerts & Safety, Together

Emergencies are not planned. Make sure that no one gets left behind. 

InfoKast is built to augment and complement your existing safety procedures and initiatives. Digital signage can be used to provide regular safety reminders and updates to supplement the training your people already receive. This reinforcement keeps safety top-of-mind and helps ensure an automatic and potentially life-saving response when an emergency occurs. 

Alerts & Communication, Together

Don't just plan for the bad days - plan for every day.

Our daily communication system has your staff looking at your signs every day. This means that in an emergency, they already know where to look for information. But it also means you'll be generating ROI every day, not just the days that go wrong. Any emergency system becomes priceless in an emergency, but only InfoKast pays you back every other day as well.

Knowledge, Alerts, & Safety Together.

That’s InfoKast.

A 15 minute phone call with one of our representatives can determine which pieces you already have in place. Give us a call at   866-651-1017 or fill out the form below to learn how we can quickly — and economically — integrate what you’ve already got.

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