Is there a way to budget for something you  hope you'll never have to use?

Yes! InfoKast is an investment you can use everyday.

While InfoKast will be there when you need it most - quite possibly when lives are at stake - it’s a trusted and valuable resource for day to day communications, as well. Often, it’s those daily interactions and important reminders that help keep everyone safe.

Manage Every Emergency 

InfoKast is a complete emergency management solution that is used daily to communicate by students, teachers and administrators.  Make announcements, enhance school spirit and reinforce important messages like anti-bullying, all while knowing that your students are protected in the event of an emergency.  

School-Based Notification

Enhanced Notification Capabilities

Manage Every Emergency

InfoKast is a unified mass notification system for your school. Create different alerts for different events, run drills with ease and efficiency, and connect every part of your campus with the emergency system. Our software even gives you the ability to communicate with those affected in real time, so that you can manage the situation as it happens.

  • Easy activation for instant notification

  • Connect all parts of your campus, even portable classrooms

  • Use mobile applications to both send and receive alerts and notifications

  • Fully integrated digital signs activate instantly

  • Emergency alerts are geared towards children

Easily Keep Parents, Teachers and Students Informed Daily

You've got a lot going on in your school, and lots of different people to inform. InfoKast beautiful signs and intuitive software make it easy to spread the word about upcoming events, policy change, and anything else students, faculty, or school visitors need to know.

  • Easy to use software for easy sign management

  • School branded templates encourage school spirit

  • Display calendars, lunch menus, upcoming events, and more

  • Remind students about school rules throughout the day

Increase Mental Health & Safety Awareness

You want your students to be successful in more than just schoolwork. InfoKast is a great way to display messages about safety, mental health, bullying, and anything else your students should know. Reinforcing these messages beyond the classroom helps solidify positive results.

Knowledge, Alerts & Safety Together. 

Safety on their level

Safety drills are an important part of keeping kids safe at school, but some drills, when not carried out properly, can be as traumatic as the real thing. That's why we create screens for safety drills that are child friendly and age appropriate. Students will feel comfortable practicing important safety procedures knowing that it’s only a drill and they’ll be okay.

Multiple notification methods

In any emergency, getting accurate information to students and teachers is vital.  Our system offers innovative alert activation and receiving options so that information can spread instantly and effectively. Alarms can be triggered from a number of devices—including mobile phones—and information filled alerts can be sent out to screens throughout the school, letting everyone know what is happening as soon as it happens.

We match your needs - not ours

Some schools have been taking bites out of their security issues for years. Some schools are thinking about these things for the first time. No matter where your school is in the process, we'll work with you to create a plan that's perfect for you. Create a whole new custom system for your campus, or simply fill the last few gaps in your already impressive coverage. 

A 15 minute phone call with one of our representatives can determine which pieces you already have in place. Give us a call at   866-651-1017 or fill out the form below to learn how we can quickly — and economically — integrate what you’ve already got.

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Make yourself competitive

Legislatures across the country are opening the spigots on safety funding for schools, but being awarded those funds often involves proving you're committed to using them effectively. InfoKast can help give you that competitive edge and make your school stand out from the crowd.