Can you expect more from your Emergency Management System?



YES! InfoKast is put to work everyday.

While a world class system for mass notification can save lives when it matters most, often it’s daily interactions and important reminders that help keep everyone safe in the first place. InfoKast can be the foundation of a self-reinforcing culture of safety throughout your organization.

Manage Every Emergency 

InfoKast is a complete emergency management solution that is used daily to communicate by students, teachers and administrators.  Make announcements, enhance school spirit and reinforce important messages like anti-bullying, all while knowing that your students are protected in the event of an emergency.  

Manage Any and Every Emergency

Managing emergencies in a mine can be a daunting task. You need a system that's comprehensive enough to match the complexity of your operation, but simple enough to activate in any situation. That's why we customize InfoKast for the unique needs of your facility. 


Our unified notification system can connect all areas of your business for instant alerts in a crisis. We work with you to build a suite of emergency screens that are specific to the risks your industry faces. We even have tools that let you manage the flow of information to your employees in real time.

  • Emergency beacons for outbuildings and exteriors

  • Mobile application for both activating and receiving alerts

  • Location and event specific emergency screens

  • Multi-modal notification for universal alerting

  • Multiple activation methods for faster notification

Reinforce Safety Messaging Daily

Making sure your miners go home safe every day can take as much work on your part as it does on theirs. InfoKast gives you a great way to reinforce and supplement the safety messages your employees already receive. 


Schedule time sensitive safety reminders, like a black ice warning for the winter months, or a reminder to drive safe at the end of each shift. Use our pre-made, MSHA focused safety content to supplement your own materials. Adjust your safety messaging to the specific needs of your facility to keep safety top-of-mind.

  • Create your own content, or use ours

  • Schedule safety announcement for certain times of day, or times of year

  • Provide updates on minor hazards like burst pipes or power outages

  • Use consistent safety messaging for consistent safety results

Easily Keep Employees Informed

Even the simplest mining operation builds up a lot of information that miners and managers need to know.


InfoKast gives you a great way to display everything from weekly production numbers, to healthcare policy changes, to celebrations of employee achievement. Our software is intuitive and easy to learn so that you can get everything done quickly and simply.

  • Display policy updates, upcoming events, production numbers, and more

  • Improve morale by celebrating employee accomplishments

  • Easy to use, intuitive software makes sign management a breeze

Knowledge, Alerts & Safety Together. 

Solutions for Noisy Environments

For employees wearing ear protection or working in a loud area, audible emergency alerts may not be effective. That’s why we deploy numerous visual alerts as part of your notification system. Digital signs, strobe beacons, brightly colored LED marquees and even desktop computers can all post vivid alerts in those hard-to-hear areas.

Protect Your Reputation -and Lower Costs

Any time you take steps to improve safety, your employees, your community, and your insurance company all take notice. You can often lower or control costs of insurance premiums with innovative programs and approaches to safety.

Preventing just a single accident will not only pay for a typical InfoKast system, it’ll help protect one of your most important assets: your reputation.

Keep Safety Top of Mind

Your miners have a lot to think about each day, and you need to ensure safety stays top-of-mind. Regular safety reminders can help keep your employees focused and working safely so they can go home safely every day.

We give you the ability to display persistent, consistent safety reminders so that working safely stays top-of-mind.

Improve Morale, Improve Production

Employees who know what’s going on are proven to be happier, work more safely, and have higher job satisfaction. Our daily communication features give you the tools to keep your miners informed about everything from policy changes, to upcoming inspections, to weekly production numbers. The more you use it, the more engaged your employees will become in seeing what's new every day.

Manage Any Kind of Emergency

We designed our system to be flexible and customizable so that it can accommodate the needs of your unique facility. For example, your mine probably has different protocols for extinguishing an equipment fire and a materials fire. Our alert system allows you to distinguish between the two so that your people can respond appropriately and safely. Our experience in this industry has taught us the value of event specific signs, which is why we work with you to develop a list of emergency screens specific to your mine.

A Unique Build-Out for Your Facility

Chances are that your facility covers more than just one building. When you've got people spread out over a large footprint, you need to make sure you have an alert system that can inform them all at once, no matter where they are.

We work with you to build a site plan specific to your facility. By utilizing so many alert technologies, from digital signs to mobile alerts, you can be sure that everyone is alerted, whether they're a visitor in the lobby, and inspector in an out-building, or a worker wearing earplugs in a noisy machine shop.

Why Applied Integration?

As an experienced systems integrator, we're in the business of combining technology. We don't want the devices you've already invested in to go to waste, which is why we integrate and supplement your current system.

We can make use of pre-existing digital signs, VOIP phones, loud speakers and sirens, and even your fire control panel. Finally, we unify your safety, communication, and emergency systems so that you can spend less time worrying about your digital signs and more time running your business.

A 15 minute phone call with one of our representatives can determine which pieces you already have in place. Give us a call at   866-651-1017 or fill out the form below to learn how we can quickly — and economically — integrate what you’ve already got.

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