Can you expect more from your Emergency Management System?



YES! InfoKast gives ROI everyday.

Investing in a powerful emergency management system is vital to keeping your employees working efficiently and confidently every day. But when you're investing in a system you hope you never have to use, it can be difficult to justify the cost. That's why InfoKast gives you more ways to ensure return-on-investment--namely, a system you can use every single day.

Manage Every Emergency 

InfoKast is a complete emergency management solution that is used daily to communicate by students, teachers and administrators.  Make announcements, enhance school spirit and reinforce important messages like anti-bullying, all while knowing that your students are protected in the event of an emergency.  

Manage Every Emergency 

Industrial facilities present unique challenges to emergency management. InfoKast takes these risks into consideration so you can be sure your system does everything you need it to. From alerts that distinguish between different types of emergencies, to hardware that can cover even the most remote parts of your business, we have you covered.

  • Hardware that covers noisy or distant areas on your premises

  • Distinct alerts for different emergencies that ensure proper responses

  • Software that allows you to provide updates and manage the situation

  • A range of activation methods for faster response times

  • Create alerts and protocol unique to your industry or location

Reinforce Safety Daily

Preventing emergencies takes effort. You already do everything you can to keep your employees working safely, but InfoKast gives you a way to do even more. Supplement your existing safety training with pre-made safety reminders. Protocol reminders, OSHA requirements, seasonal hazards and more can be displayed on your digital signs so that you're workers always keep safety top-of-mind.

  • Schedule your safety content for when you know they'll see it

  • Create your own content, or use our OSHA based reminders

  • Update employees on minor hazards so they don't become huge issues

  • Reinforce the training you already provide for a more effective result

Inform Employees Daily

Odds are your business has more going on than just production. InfoKast gives you an effective way to display informal announcements like upcoming company picnics, health insurance updates, employee celebrations, and more. Sign management is simple and intuitive so you can spend your time doing what really matters.

  • Pre-made templates ensure your signs always look great

  • Create calendars, announcements, production updates, and more

  •  Intuitive software means you don't need to be an expert

Knowledge, Alerts & Safety Together. 

Alerts for Every Environment

Employees in industrial settings are often working in one of two settings: outside, or in noisy indoor environments. In either case, alerting with typical sirens can be ineffective. That's why we use a number of alerting solutions including clearly visible LED Marquees and flashing alert beacons. Our alerting hardware can go indoors, outdoors, and anywhere you need it to so that employees are informed no matter what environment they work in,

Activation is Easy

When something goes wrong, you need to sound the alarm right away. Our wall mounted panic buttons can go just about anywhere you need them. Certain buttons can be programmed to set of certain alarms, signaling, for instance, the difference between a shop fire and a shop injury. These buttons can have customized colors and even verbiage on them to make sure it's clear what alarms they activate. 

Safety Every Day

Large scale emergencies are luckily uncommon, and that's largely because of the day to day safety practices that your employees engage in. Keep them working safely with frequent reminders. 


Our user interface lets you create and schedule safety reminders, protocol refreshers, and anything else you might feel is important for your employees to remember. 

Cover Your Facility Fully

Industrial facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has it's own unique threats and safety considerations. That's why we work with you to create a detailed facility plan that determines the most effective coverage of technology for your business. Our wide range of technology, from alert beacons, loud speakers, digital signs, and even mobile phone apps, make sure that no part of your business gets overlooked or left without adequate coverage.

InfoKast Integrates

You already take safety seriously, which is why you've probably already invested in a fair amount of safety technology. Our system integrates with pre-existing hardware such as fire control panels, P.A. systems, two-way radios, and more. We ensures that the infrastructure you already have is utilized to it's fullest extent.

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