Is there a way to communicate with staff & keep patients safer during an emergency?



YES! By integrating both systems with InfoKast.

In a healthcare environment, dealing with emergencies has an added complication--you need to alert your employees without panicking patients. InfoKast gives you the ability to communicate precise messages among your staff without alerting or alarming patients. And for all the days things go right, generate return-on-investment with non-emergency communications.

Manage Every Emergency 

InfoKast is a complete emergency management solution that is used daily to communicate by students, teachers and administrators.  Make announcements, enhance school spirit and reinforce important messages like anti-bullying, all while knowing that your students are protected in the event of an emergency.  

Manage Emergencies Without Panic

InfoKast lets you manage emergencies in your facility however you need to. Our range of hardware means you can create widespread alerts throughout your premises, while our smart software means you can customize alerts to only be seen in certain places or by certain individuals.


In the case of large scale threats, our digital signage also means you have the space to contextualize the event or provide pertinent instructions. Visitors and patients alike can quickly be instructed on what to do without causing panic.

  • Desktop and mobile capabilities allow for discreet notification

  • Customize your alerts based on the nature of the situation

  • Integrate existing software like VoIP phones, computers, & the fire alarm

  • Panic buttons, desktop portals, & mobile apps enable discreet activation

  • Create updates during an event and manage the situation remotely

Communicate Every Day

You probably already use digital signs or TV screens in lobbies and hallways throughout your facility. These signs can be integrated into your system and used for communication of non-emergency events. Provide policy announcements to staff, advertise events and activities to patients, and more.

  • User friendly interface for easy sign management

  • Screen templates mean you don't need a graphic designer

  • Calendars, weather alerts, employee appreciation, & more

  • Focus your messaging by showing screens to only those who need them

Reinforce Safety Practices and Protocol

Staff, patients, and visitors alike need to be aware of safety protocol in the event of an emergency, but that can be difficult to accomplish. InfoKast gives you a vehicle to display safety protocol through digital signage so that everyone can be informed.

  • Make use of lobby and hallway screens to catch the eye of visitors

  • Schedule safety reminders at regular intervals for increased impact

  • Customize the message based on who will see it

Knowledge, Alerts & Safety Together. 

Alert Only Those Who Need to Know

There are a number of events that can and should be safely taken care of by staff without patients ever being alerted. InfoKast provides solutions like desktop, mobile phone, and even VoIP phone notifications that alert only those who need the information. Certain alerts can even be programmed to only reach specific parts of your facility, i.e. an alert in the maternity ward won't bother the emergency room unless you need it to.

Easily Notify Everyone Within the Hospital

In the event of an emergency that needs to alert everyone, notification can be achieved even in the most distant parts of your facility. Alert beacons, LED marquees, P.A. systems and other hardware can be used alone or in combination to create the most effective method of notification in any given area. In room screens, the mobile devices carried by staff, and even reception area computers can all become notification devices in an emergency. Plus, the wide range of notification methods mean that ADA alerting standards are always upheld.

Seamlessly Communicate with Every Type of Employee

Whether you need to discreetly alert nurses to a problem patient, alert cleaning staff to a new mess, or call in the support of facility security, we give you a way to do it. Our targeted messaging system allows you to alert those involved without alerting or alarming patients and visitors. This can be done with mobile applications, desktop alerts, P.A. announcements, and even VoIP phone alerts.

Strategic Notification Across Facilities

In order to prevent panic, an effective emergency management system should provide ways of controlling the message. Design and implement patient friendly alerts that provide instructions and reassurance in the event of an emergency. Staff may receive alerts with more information on the nature of events, while screens in your pediatric ward can display child friendly alerts that won't cause distress. By crafting the message based on the location or recipients, you can better manage the situation.

Manage Any Kind of Emergency

Different emergencies require different responses, and nowhere is that more true than in the healthcare system. With our system you can tailor alert content and notification methods to guarantee the desired response among staff and patients. Use more discreet notification methods for those issues that can be managed by staff, or activate alerts that will be seen and heard across your facility. Create any number of alerts and protocols to quickly deal with any issue your facility might experience, from natural disasters to patient issues to intruder events.

Unified Emergency Mass Notifciation

InfoKast gives you the power to manage your entire facility with a single system. In the event of an emergency, you'll have a unified mass notification system that you know you can rely on. Reach everyone in your facility instantaneously with the push of a button. Use your mobile device or an online portal to manage alerts, staff, and more. Even small scale events can be fully managed so that you're always in control.

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