Can you expect more from your Communication System?



YES! By making it vital during an emergency.

Installing infrastructure to boost communication throughout your facility is just good business. But when your budget is small, you may think you have to choose between emergency communication systems and daily communication ones. InfoKast gives you both these capabilities with one system so your budget remains in tact.

Manage Every Emergency 

InfoKast is a complete emergency management solution that is used daily to communicate by students, teachers and administrators.  Make announcements, enhance school spirit and reinforce important messages like anti-bullying, all while knowing that your students are protected in the event of an emergency.  

Communication is Key

It goes without saying that there is a lot going on in your business. InfoKast gives you the power to keep everyone up to date without relying on outdated technology like bulletin boards.


Our daily communication system makes it quick and simple to provide updates, share news, and advertise upcoming events. Plus, our templates, created by talented graphic desigers, ensure your signs always look elegant and professional.

  • Schedule announcements for time and date sensitive events

  • Intuitive user interface for easy adjustments

  • Digital signs in a variety of sizes can go almost anywhere

  • Incorporate your logo and colors into your designs

  • Create calendars, slideshows, announcements, and more

Manage Emergencies As They Happen

Most offices today contain many moving parts. Different departments are located in different parts of your building, or even across multiple buildings, and employees are constantly moving between them to collaborate. InfoKast gives you the power to reach everyone in the event of an emergency, no matter where they are.

Utilize the technology you own, such as your desktop computers and VoIP phones, for powerful alerting across your entire office.

  • Multiple activation methods allow for instant alerting

  • Digital signs, desktop computers, mobile phones, VoIP can all be used

  • Create different alerts for different emergencies

  • Reach everyone in your business, no matter where they are

Stay On Top Of Safety

Safety training is part of your schedule already, but how do you manage visitors? InfoKast gives you a way to put company policy and safety protocols where everyone can see them. 

A digital sign in your lobby can answer visitors questions before they even ask them. Safety reminders interspersed with your regular announcements can help keep your employees ready for anything.

  • Display company policy, safety protocol, and more

  • Instruct visitors as soon as they walk in the door

  • Fit safety reminders in among other announcements

Knowledge, Alerts & Safety Together. 

Make Use of What You Already Have

InfoKast is all about integrating the infrastructure you already make use of to maximize effectiveness and return on investment. Your desktop computers, VoIP phones, P.A. system, fire alarm control panel, existing digital signage, and even your employees mobile phones can all become part of your emergency management system.

Mobile Devices Become Tools in an Emergency

Mobile phones are nearly ubiquitous among adults today. With InfoKast, these phones can become tools in an emergency.

Authorized personnel can use their phones to trigger alerts that instantly activate the whole system when something goes wrong. Meanwhile, every employee with an integrated phone can receive that alert no matter where they are on your premises. 

Updating Signs Should Be Easy

Whatever you do from nine to five, if you're here, its a safe bet that digital signs aren't your specialty. That's why we've made our user interface so user friendly.

The interface is sleek, simple, and intuitive. Our template feature allows you to create beautiful signs every time without a design degree. The scheduling tool means that you can create signs when you need them, or schedule them to run in advance. 

Match The Unique Style of Your Business

You've worked hard to craft the unique style of your business. Don't lose it on your digital signs.


Our talented graphic designers will create a template package for your business that includes your logo and colors, as well as any style considerations your company might have. 

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