Digital Signage with InfoKast

Digital signage is what connect the three systems that make up InfoKast, and it is what will take your organization to the next step in communication, safety, and emergency management.

Digital Signage that is optimized for you. 

Tablet sized to 85"+

Horizontal or vertical

Single or dual screen

High resolution

High visibility

Indoor or outdoor

24/7, 365 displays



All our screens are industrial grade, designed to be on and running 24/7/365 without burning out or overheating. Whether you want to buy a full array or just supplement what you have, InfoKast can help.

Signs can be hung horizontally or vertically, as well as being arranged in either a single-sign or a double-sign display. Although the 42”-55” range is most popular, we offer signs ranging from the size of a tablet all the way up to 85” displays and above.

Indoor signs can be hung on just about any wall in just about any room, meaning you can put them exactly where you need them. Outdoor screens have a higher visibility rating and can either come weather-proofed or be put in a weather proof case.

What makes the system so powerful?

Reinforce Safety with Digital Signage

InfoKast allow you to easily rotate safety content through your digital signage.

  • Schedule in as few or as many safety reminders as you feel you need, even scheduling the message according to current events in your organization.

  • If a minor problem arises, such as a power outage in building 3, send out flash alerts that instantly inform everyone.

  • Our team of graphic designers create engaging safety content for you to use so that you never have to worry about a boring message getting overlooked. 


Communicate Daily with Digital Signage

InfoKast lets you get information where it needs to go without wasting space.

  • Our graphic designers create templates for your content so you can be sure your information matches the look of your organization and is consistent across your screens.

  • Use the playlist feature to schedule specific screens or templates at certain times and across certain screens. Display a welcome playlist on the screen in your lobby while the screen in your management offices displays production numbers.

  • Schedule certain announcements to run at certain times of day, like a weather report running just before your staff go home.


Manage Emergencies with Digital Signage

InfoKast helps you easily communicate to your people in an emergency, wherever they are.

  • When an emergency event is triggered, InfoKast immediately and automatically overrides all the digital displays in your facility, providing consistent messaging across your premises.

  • Each digital sign can provide directional instructions based on the emergency and the signs location, i.e. go left to the tornado shelter or go right to the fire exit.

  • The surface area of digital displays allow you to provide both information on the nature of the emergency and instructions for how to respond.


Knowledge, Alerts, & Safety Together.

That’s InfoKast.

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