Protect your Mine simply by integrating what you already have in place. 

Over the years, you've probably invested in multiple expensive systems and tools in an attempt to secure your facility. With InfoKast, you can combine those investments to create a unified notification system. 


Two Way Radios 

Two-way radios are an excellent way for employees to communicate across a large campus. With InfoKast, they can become an excellent way to alert those same employees to emergency situations. InfoKast allows you to trigger alert tones and text-to-speech audio across every two-way radio in your facility.

PA Systems

If your facility includes more than a couple buildings, you most likely already have an outdoor loud speaker system to communicate with employees moving between areas. InfoKast integrates these speakers and adds text-to-speech software that can improve both message comprehension, and reaction times in those who hear them.

Mobile Phones

In a large facility where employees are likely to move around often, you can’t always be sure they’ll be in the optimal spot for certain alerting methods. That’s why InfoKast makes use of integrated mobile phones to send information packed alerts to employees wherever they may be.

Fire Alarm

Your fire alarm is one of the most useful tools you have in emergency alerting because it’s already fully integrated into your facility. InfoKast utilizes this technology in two ways: by allowing fire alarms to trigger the rest of the InfoKast system, and by allowing other forms of activation to trigger the fire alarms.

It's a Mass Communication Solution too!

How do you budget for a system that you hope never to have to need you’ll never need to use? That's simple. You use it every day.  As system integrators, we’ve unified emergency and daily communication technology so you can make use of your system every day, not just in worst case scenarios.

“We will use the new system to notify our employees of severe weather warnings, hazardous materials releases, industrial accidents, active shooter situations, and other emergencies that affect the installation as a whole.”

-Ken Griechen, Emergency Manager, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant


A 15 minute phone call with one of our representatives can determine which pieces you already have in place. Give us a call at   866-651-1017 or fill out the form below to learn how we can quickly — and economically — integrate what you’ve already got.


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