Application Suite in InfoKast

When it comes to digital signs, never settle for less. InfoKast gives you access to an application suite with all the features you need to create compelling and informative content every day. 


Effective organizations run on up-to-date information. Provide your staff with the data they need to stay productive and effective.

  • InfoKast integrates with the data collecting software you already use so that your signs are always displaying the latest numbers.

  • Customize your signs to display the most important data for your staff.

  • Data can be displayed as raw numbers, as graphs, as spreadsheets, and more.




You need to keep your staff informed. InfoKast lets you fit the message to the method for the most effective displays.

  • Use a here today, gone tomorrow Message of the Day to notify folks about unexpected or short-term events.

  • Scrolling messages let you give a little more information and will stay up till you take them down.

  • Schedule announcements to run in advance to make sure everyone is informed on the date even if you happen to forget.


Images & Video

InfoKast lets you create dynamic displays using images and videos from your organization.

  • Display individual photos, or schedule in a smart slideshow that displays your photos in bite sized amounts.

  • InfoKast can pull photos from local sources and automatically adjusts for different aspect ratios.

  • You can even schedule videos and gifs to liven up your playlist.


Events &


You’ve got a lot going on in your organization. InfoKast's time sensitive screens help you display it all.

  • Build calendars to display upcoming events, scheduled maintenance, or even the food court lunch menu. Our calendars automatically show upcoming events and filter out those that have already occurred.

  • Celebrate birthdays with an automatically updating screen that highlights the birthdays of the current month, week, or even day.

  • Recognize the awesome people in your organization with a screen dedicated to their achievements. Congratulate competition teams, your employee-of-the-month, or anyone else deserving.




If your organization can be affected by the weather, then an accurate weather forecast is indispensable.

  • InfoKast connects directly to the National Weather Service so that you have accurate predictions for your area and receive warnings and notifications for imminent storms or natural disasters.

  • Weather forecasts can be scheduled to appear periodically throughout the day, while emergency alerts can take over your screens with visual and audible displays, so everybody gets the message


Streaming & RSS Feeds

Staying up to date on the latest news can help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Keep staff informed by displaying the RSS feeds of your choice among the screens you create.

  • Display the latest social media posts from your Facebook and Twitter accounts to staff and followers alike.


Knowledge, Alerts, & Safety Together.

That’s InfoKast.

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