Emergency Activation


With InfoKast, you can activate the entire emergency system with one touch. We offer multiple methods for emergency activation so that your organization is always ready. 

Desktop Console

The Alertus desktop console allows you to edit and send alerts from any desktop or computer. The intuitive portal is great for real time situations, or for managing drills. 

  • Authorized individuals can activate with any computer or laptop

  • Choose from a number of presets for easy activation

  • Create custom alerts for any situation on the fly


Wall-Mounted Buttons

Put easy emergency activation anywhere in your business with wall mounted alert buttons. Buttons come in a variety of colors and can be customized with unique labels. Each button can be programmed to trigger a particular response, allowing for easy alerting for any event.

  • Program buttons for individual responses i.e. one for fires, one for chemical spills, etc.

  • Choose from different colors and labels for easy identification

  • Wall-mounted to go where you need it

  • Does not depend on cell towers, internet, or external power sources

  • Easy lift lid to prevent accidental activation


Panic Buttons

Alertus panic buttons allow for discreet emergency activation at nearly any desktop in your office. Choose a USB connected physical button which can be mounted anywhere on a desk, or program a digital panic button on your desktop which can be triggered through a number of means.

  • Physical button connects via USB

  • Digital button can be activated via hotkey, task tray icon, or keyboard shortcut

  • Discreet activation for any situation

Activation App

​Take alerting everywhere you go with the emergency activation mobile app. Authorized individuals in your organization will be able to trigger a number of alerts from their phones, no matter where they may be on your premises. 

  • Only authorized individuals can trigger alerts

  • Choose from a number of preset alerts for instant activation


Fire Control Panel

Utilize the safety systems you already have by connecting InfoKast to your fire control panel. When a fire alarm is triggered, both InfoKast and your pre-existing fire systems will jump into action. 

  • No need to lose old safety infrastructure

  • InfoKast integrates with pre-existing systems

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