Applied Integration with InfoKast

Applied Integration has been a system integrator for over fifteen years.

We started as a small IT business that serviced other small businesses around the country. We took care of their computer and technology needs so that they could focus on keeping their business running. Keeping our client’s systems up and running meant developing personal relationships with each one so that we always knew just how they needed to use their computers.

As the years passed, we would hear the same worries and complaints coming from our client’s day after day. We began to wonder if we couldn’t use our skills and expertise to help in more proactive ways. Applied Integration dove into the world of small business problem solving, searching out the right systems, programs, and integrations to keep our clients running smoothly.

Because each of our clients were unique, each of their solutions needed to be as well. What worked best for a lumber yard in Wyoming wouldn’t necessarily work for a tackle shop in Alaska. As digital signage rose to prominence, we worked hard to utilize this new technology for our clients. In the early days, digital signage could be prohibitively expensive, so we started looking for ways to amplify and increase its value.

Today, we’re proud to produce InfoKast, a value-focused digital signage solution that prioritizes customization for each client.