There are 3 things successful organizations figured out a long time ago:  

Starting tomorrow, you can do all these things at once, and to greater effect. InfoKast is the first of its kind, a digital signage-based system that allows you to quickly communicate with your staff, provide safety updates and reminders, and react in real time to emergency situations - all with one easy to use system.

Communication is key so that everyone pulls in the same direction.

Running your facility safely is just common sense. 

When something goes wrong, you must be prepared to deal with it.

​It's likely that your organization already addresses these needs. For everyday communications, you may use bulletin boards. To get people to think about safety, you place posters on the walls. When there’s an emergency, you pull the fire alarm to notify all within earshot.

Safety Reinforcement

Daily Communication

Emergency Management

One investment with multiple returns. 

There’s no need to compromise with InfoKast.

In the past, daily communication, safety reinforcement, and emergency management have been seen as separate systems that often compete for budgets and resources. But who wants to choose between these vital needs?

With InfoKast, 

you get it all.

Now you don't have to choose. You get a system that addresses all these concerns with a single, integrated solution.

  • Provide daily updates and notices for a well-informed staff.

  • Use dynamic and consistent safety reminders to support specific safety initiatives and keep safety top-of-mind.

  • Activate immediate, high visibility alerts with clear instructions for how to respond in an emergency.

Here's what no compromise looks like.

A visible culture of safety.

You value safety in your organization. InfoKast is an engaging, highly effective tool to convey and support your commitment to the safest workplace possible. 


Fresh, rotating safety messages coupled with your unique content promote your safety goals every day. Remind staff about safety protocols, compliance updates, or this month’s safety initiative. Now you can keep your important messages front and center, ensuring safety remains top-of-mind.

What you want noticed, gets noticed. 

Gone are the days of cave drawings, smoke signals, and over-crowded bulletin boards. InfoKast allows you to display all your business news on beautiful, bright, engaging digital signs. 

Our team of talented graphic designers build templates for all your information distributing needs - from a calendar of upcoming events, to an informative weather bulletin, to a celebration of personnel. Plus, the intuitive user interface allows you to quickly and easily build new announcements without eating up half your day, or requiring four years of design school.

When seconds count...

Any organization that has staff, students, or visitors scattered over a large area is at heightened risk during an emergency. InfoKast lets you alert everybody at once. Provide information, instructions, and even real-time updates during an emergency through a number of methods so that no one gets left behind.
Our fully integrated solution works with alarm systems you already have and supplements them with digital signage, alert beacons & sirens, individual laptop and desktop computer alerts, and even alerts on the best personal communicators we all have — our mobile phones. 

See it in action

Knowledge, Alerts, & Safety Together.

That’s InfoKast.

A 15 minute phone call with one of our representatives can determine which pieces you already have in place. Give us a call at   866-651-1017 or fill out the form below to learn how we can quickly — and economically — integrate what you’ve already got.

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